Stephanie Busson & Frédéric Nakache: This is not a love song

5 – 7 October 2018, Art Licks weekend 2018


This is not a love song brings together the work of London-based artist, Stephanie Busson and Nice-based artist, Frédéric Nakache. For their first collaboration, Busson and Nakache have taken each other’s works as starting points to create new pieces using photography, video and sculpture. The exhibition will be an opportunity for the artists to continue to develop their practice while exploring new territories taking inspiration from glam metal, Lucha Libre, popular culture, music, cinema and history of art, amongst other things.

EyeFrédéric Nakache, Le Brasier (The Blaze), Hd video (loop), 2017-18


Mute Cry Frédéric Nakache, Mute Cry (study), colour photograph , 2010

MonochromeX Frédéric Nakache, Le Secret, colour photograph , 2015

Kiss toyX Frédéric Nakache, Study, black and white photograph , 2006

Kiss me 2

Kiss me Stephanie Busson, Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me, paper, glue, acrylic paint, 2018

The difference 2 The Difference Frédéric Nakache, The Difference, colour photograph , 2010

Try WalkingX Frédéric Nakache, Try walking in my shoes, Hd video (loop) , 2006

Not Love SongX Stephanie Busson, This is not a love song, video, 2018

Part of the Art Licks weekend 2018